Reliable, accurate & new media savvy

I write features and news, shoot stills and video, and create info-graphics. Most of my work is related to sustainability and government. I’m committed to being accurate, entertaining, and reliable.

My expertise is in sustainable technology, sustainability specialist smallenergy economics and policy. My approach is to create mainstream content, understandable and of value to ordinary people. I’m not an activist. I focus on solutions, key priorities, and international developments.

I write for building, technical and government magazines, mainstream newspapers, such as the Globe & Mail in Canada, international news services, and also for some green trade organizations, NGOs, and corporations who sell green products. I have done work for some high profile politicians, a university, and an American television network.

NEW BOOK                                                                                                                         My book is practical, containing Top 10 Lists of priority actions for homeowners, business people, investors, government people and others in different walks of life. It has been well received. Please click here or on BOOKS on the menu bar above to read more about the book’s content, and some endorsements.

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